Who Is The Bukidnon Pilgrim?

Hi! My name’s Lorenza, after my grandmother, but you can call me Lori and I am the person behind TheBukidnonPilgrim blog. Thank you so very much for dropping by, I can’t tell you how excited I am that you decided to share the road with me today. You see, it always brings me joy to be in the company of other pro-active life-long learners who, as pilgrims in this earth, continuously seek new adventures that lead to their highest development as a person.

What Is In This Site For You?

While this site was initially built to celebrate the beauty of family life in Bukidnon and to inspire women and young mothers in their journey through motherhood, my team — which comprises of myself, my husband, Anthony, our two school-age boys and their four-legged friends, and my little brother who keeps this site neat — also provides fresh content and occasionally tools and resources for everyone who wishes to grow as a person, celebrate life, discover his gifts and talents and use these gifts to bless the world and make it a better place for our children.

Behind The Scenes Tour

Now, I might sound like I always see the world through rose-colored glasses — which is partly true. I can’t help it! I have a career that resonates with my soul and allows me to work with the youth and their parents. I have Anthony, my very loving and supportive husband whose heart is brimming with love for himself, it overflows to me, our two young boys and the people around us. As the Alpha of our pack, Anthony has gotten so good at making himself and his peace of mind his top priority and this enables him to take care of his family and his job. He truly does lead by example. And finally, I have a God who must  have played favorites since the beginning of time and placed us in this part of the world where thrive; a God who endowed us with all these blessings and always has my back no matter what.

But was it always like this for me? Was life always this wonderful? Was my marriage and family life always this blissful? Not exactly. In fact, it was the exact opposite. Like many mothers out there, I too had my share of bad days, to put it mildly. There were ups and downs — but mostly downs — and there were times I nearly quit as we hurdled through a seemingly endless battle against insecurities, pride, false sense of identity, lies, deception, and addiction. To make matters worse, we were not fighting the battle together — we were fighting each other.

The Silver Lining

In this vast world where violence and callousness abound, nothing can be worse for our children and the next generation than parents and adults who fight each other. I am telling you this not to dishearten you with the fact that negative forces do exist, but to bring you the good news of redemption and give you hope that no matter how dark and difficult the road may be, there is always light beyond the horizon.

I guess the only message here is that for every difficulty we encounter there is within itself a blessing and an opportunity to grow. The challenges Anthony and I faced would have been reason enough for us to go our separate ways, but just like the way Jesus met His two followers down the road to Emmaus, He also met us as we were walking away from the center of our faith and brought us back on track.

And so instead of throwing in the towel and calling it quits, we threw away the things that didn’t serve us instead — toxic relationships (with self and others), self-destructive behaviors, and all the little things we attached our identities to. It was then that we received the most beautiful gift any person could receive in this world: the gift of life and family.

Why Women and Young Mothers?

It’s not that I’m playing favorites or biased toward women, but I believe that when a woman — a young mother, especially — is in touch with her true identity, at peace with herself and comfortable in her own skin, she is better able to support her husband in leading their family and guiding their children in their own journey toward self-discovery.

There is so much pain and negativity and suffering in this world and in this age of information where people’s attention span is said to be shorter than a gold fish’s, we tend to have that hunger for genuine love and affection, comfort and security, and we tend to look for them somewhere outside of ourselves. This search usually lead us nowhere but into deeper want and when we mothers fail to learn where to find these very things we seek, we will never be able to teach our children either. And the vicious cycle continues.

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It is my intention that everyone, especially women and young mothers, who comes across this blog be inspired to begin her journey toward self-discovery and know what amazing person she already is and how capable she is of experiencing and giving love to the world. You are capable of receiving and giving love and you can start today. Thank you for dropping by and I invite you to look around, subscribe to our newsletter if you like (although you may also use this site for free without having to) and receive regular updates on the latest pieces of inspiration to cheer you on in your everyday journey.


meet the team (left to right): my brother’s fiancee, Angelie; my husband, Anthony; our six-year-old son, Jun Edward; me; our 11-year-old son, Luis, and my little brother, Doods with their four-legged housemate, Mr. Satots.
meet playful and loving husband, Anthony. This was during our visit to the Giant Clam Sanctuary at the Island Garden City of Samal, south of the Philippines
this is our first born, Luis. He likes to go out and take some time to think after hours of learning about amazing engineering projects on Youtube and Google.
our six-year-old Jun Edward is more outdoorsy and is not afraid of animals hundreds of times heavier than him. He seems to have a special connection with sentient beings
I live for these moments — Anthony, showing the kids how to feed an orphaned lamb
the trials we’ve been through as a family allowed us to embrace the ephemeral nature of things, and so as often as we possibly can, we spend time together and do things together as a family; we deliberately invest time in relationship-building activities everyday


About Bukidnon

From the root word bukid, or mountains, Bukidnon can loosely mean land of the mountains. It is situated in central Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippine archipelago. True to its name, you need to drive uphill to an altitude of as high as 3,000 meters above sea level, but it is worth the climb because what waits ahead is truly worth your while.

No one can tell for sure when or who discovered Bukidnon, but among the earliest and perhaps the most noteworthy recorded history of this quiet and laidback province dates back to the late 19th century, shortly before the First World War. The American Dean Conant Worcester, in Ronald Edgerton’s book People of the Middle Ground (Ateneo de Manila University and Ronald K. Edgerton, 2008), said that Bukidnon’s wide open spaces and moderate climate reminded him of the great American West. More than a hundred years later today, visitors as well as locals still share this very same sentiment as Bukidnon has never evolved that much to conform to modern-day life-style and infrastructure.

Cattle ranches, sugarcane and pineapple plantations still make up most of the Bukidnon plains and the families who started it all more than a century ago are still around in the comfort of their estates despite the continuous influx of migrants from the coasts. Home of two of the country’s biggest sugar mills and pineapple plantation, Bukidnon is also a pristine country of spell-binding waterfalls, gorges and rock walls, crystal-clear springs, virgin forests and mountain ranges that are absolutely perfect for outdoor adventures.

It is accessible by bus from Cagayan de Oro City up North or from Davao City down south. Public transportation from both cities is available twenty hours a day, seven days a week. If you are coming in from Manila, major airlines fly to Davao International Airport and from there you can take a cab to Ecoland Bus Terminal and get on a bus bound to Cagayan de Oro City. Bukidnon is halfway between these two.

So if you are up to an adrenalin-packed pilgrimage or simply some time away from the hubbub of city life with your family, come up to Bukidnon, breathe the fresh mountain breeze and indulge in the warm hospitality unique to the Bukidnon People.



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