I was searching the books for a natural immunity booster when I stumbled upon a few surprising facts about radishes. This inspired me to plow, hoe and make raised beds–

Okay, I didn’t actually do the plowing; the boys did, and they did very well. With some help, I manually lifted and set aside big clods of soil to clear the ground and make raised beds for the radishes. As beginning gardeners, we don’t have much farm equipment to get us started in preparing the soil.

That’s Anthony on the plow. The kids are happily trying their legs on freshly-plowed earth with Gunther
Anthony lets our 11-year-old son, Luis, try his hands on the plow

Perhaps these facts about radishes will inspire you to head straight for the supermarket for a bunch of radishes, if not to grow your own.

5 Facts You Need to Know About Radishes

  1. Radishes take good care of your kidneys. They have diuretic properties that increase urine production and therefore cleanse your kidneys.
  2. Radishes nurture your heart. They contain anthocyanin, a type of flavonoid that helps reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood and lower blood pressure.
  3. When they become a regular part of your diet, radishes can protect you from certain types of cancers as they can cause cancerous cells to die.
  4. Radishes can boost your immune system. They help you ward off diseases, protect your cells from destructive free radicals, maintain healthy blood vessels and build strong teeth and bones. Its high Vitamin C content makes sure of that.
  5. Radishes can be used to soothe and treat insect bites and bee stings.

Growing Your Own Radishes

These facts urged me to buy a packet of radish seeds from the nearest agricultural supply store and start my own radish garden. Surprisingly, daikon radishes are very easy to grow. With the help of my family, we prepared a raised bed, about 2.5 feet wide and 6 feet long, sowed the seeds in 1cm-deep holes, 10cm apart, covered them with soil and watered them.

Who needs kettle bells when I have this much clods of soil to lift and move so we can make beds for the radishes?
Nothing can be more satisfying than seeing something take shape with your own hands at the end of the day. I love Farmville, but this — the real deal — is a lot better.

My six-year-old Jun Edward and his friend from the neighbourhood had fun helping me with the sowing. So not only has gardening given us something to look forward to; it has given our family a beautiful chance to work together on a project that matters to all of us.

Refreshing Radish Juice

Radishes also make refreshing drinks during hot summer days. But before we proceed, please allow me to make a short disclaimer here. I am neither a health nor nutrition expert and therefore cannot claim that the suggestions being made here can cure or absolutely prevent any illnesses. It is still best to consult a health professional or your physician.

Now, going back to making refreshing drinks out of radishes; simply wash your radishes, cut both ends, slice them crosswise once and then lengthwise enough to fit into the juicer entrance. You can add a little lemon or lime juice for a more exciting taste. Or better yet, you can make a radish-apple combo for a truly exciting flavour. Throw in a few ice cubes for a perfect thirst-quencher that boosts your immune system at the same time.

Remember, a healthy pilgrim is a happy, wealthy one. Cheers to your health and happiness


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