So it’s a double blessing for the youth of Maramag this December, I guess. Right after the guys from the Values Formation and Spiritual Transformation Council left, another envoy of good news and good will came to bless the young people of Maramag, Bukidnon, and their visit to the Bukidnon National School of Home Industries was a very memorable one.

The Redemptorist Youth Ministry is a group of young missionaries from the Redemptorist Congregation, an assembly of religious men working with the church and lay partners in proclaiming Christ’s gospel to all people. The congregation is based in Cebu City but recently their missionaries have reached the province of Bukidnon and established a new mission station in Barangay Tubigon in the Municipality of Maramag.

This December, on a beautifully warm sunny afternoon in Bukidnon, while Typhoon Ruby was making its landfall and devastating other parts of the country, God blessed the high school students with the presence of the Redemptorist Youth Ministry in BNSHI and this is definitely something the BNSHI family has to be very grateful for.

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It was the 5th of December, 2014 and everyone was excited to go home for the weekend. Some students from Grades 9 and 10, however, chose to stay to see what these young missionaries have for them, and they were not disappointed.

The group arrived shortly after lunch and announced their presence in the campus by presenting a lively dance number at the campus grounds. Students were enlivened and even joined in. After introducing themselves to the students, they divided the group of students into two, ushered one group to their classrooms for a short group activity while the other group proceeded to the auditorium to view a few short video clips.

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Both groups were made to experience both activities, after which they all proceeded to the auditorium for the holy mass.

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The RYM Youth Ministers’ aim was primarily to help their fellow youth in deepening their relationship with Christ, understanding and appreciating themselves better and encouraging them to share and talk about the things that concern them everyday, especially at this particular point in their lives.

They packed their message in modules and delivered them through games and creative activities that required the students’ active participation.

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2014-12-05 14.55.38

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I personally looked at the content of their modules and basically it contains the same principles as in the lessons taught in the students’ regular values education subjects, only that they were delivered differently and by a different group of people. Coming from the their fellow youth, the message must have had a profound impact in their perception and you can see the difference because almost everyone, including those who don’t normally participate in class discussions, took an active part in the activities and during the ,ass, as they gave each other the Lord’s peace, they roamed around and made that peace felt by hugging and shaking each others’ hands. Some students I talked to regarding the event said it was one of those overwhelmingly emotional experiences they ever had in their entire lives.

Although we know that pretty soon, memories of this event will be pushed aside into their subconscious as new experiences present themselves into their lives, but the lessons they learned from the young ministers that particular Friday afternoon will remain in their hearts like a guiding lamp for as long as they live.

Let’s spread more of the good news and good cheers! By doing so, we create a ripple of goodness that will no doubt reach and touch many people’s lives. And without a doubt, it will come back to you, too. Let me know your thoughts on this one by sharing a comment below.

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