Citronella Farming in Bukidnon

Did you know that the key ingredient in your favorite DEET-Free kid-friendly Human Heart Nature bug shield oil and bug shield lotion comes from a small farming community in the province of Bukidnon?

Human Heart Nature’s 100% Natural Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent DEET-Free Oil (photo credit:

When I had kids, I started to get conscious about the household chemicals we use, including insect repellents and this was when I learned about the dangers of DEET, the harmful chemical commonly used in bug spray and insect repellent lotion. DEET is so effective in killing mosquitoes but also poses great health risks to humans and other animals. In fact, health experts strongly recommend washing DEET off your skin with soap and water upon returning indoors and avoid inhaling it.

This was also when I heard about Human Heart Nature’s Bug Shield Mosquito Repellent DEET-Free Lotion and DEET-Free Oil. I tried it on my kids and on myself and we loved how it works. I especially loved it even more when I heard that the citronella plants from which they extract the oil used in these products are grown in my beloved province, Bukidnon!

Citronella farming community and their citronella extractor and drying hall in Barangay Imbayao, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon (Photo Credit:

This inspired me to get to know more about this company and I’m happy to share that in addition to producing world class Filipino personal care products, they are also committed to alleviating poverty, committed to the environment and committed to the country.


In 2014, a small community of Bukidnon farmers in Barangay Imbayao, Malaybalay City, witnessed the inauguration and blessing of their citronella extractor and drying hall. Human Heart Nature could have put up this facility somewhere near the downtown area for convenience, but they chose to bring opportunities to far-flung communities and provide livelihood to poor Filipino farmers.

Human Heart Nature’s 100% Natural Bug Shield DEET-Free Lotion (photo credit:

The citronella farm in Imbayao is just one of the many farming communities in the country growing plants as source of essential oils for Human Heart Nature products.


As a social enterprise, the makers of our favorite natural personal care products is committed to the preservation of the environment by using only safe, natural and biodegradable ingredients. Their products are certified by the Natural Products Association.


As a Filipino mother working with adolescent school kids every day, I share the Department of Education’s vision of seeing Filipinos who passionately love their country and its mission to provide a learning environment that is child-friendly and safe.

Human Heart Nature’s soy bean oil-free, DEET-free mosquito repellent oil that’s safe for babies with G6PD deficiency (photo credit:

Patronizing personal care and home care products that are natural and safe for our children and the environment and uses ingredients that are sustainably grown in the Philippines and produced by Filipino farmers, scientist and social entrepreneurs is one of the ways I found to realize this vision and mission.


With this, I am more encouraged to continue buying only natural mosquito repellent products from Human Heart Nature. You too can share the advocacy. For every bottle you buy, you actually help fund the development of sustainable livelihood for the company’s partner communities all over the country because 100% of all profits they make from the Bug Shield Oil and Bug Shield Lotion go to this campaign.

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Live well!


Lorenza Pilar Salvador

Wife, mother, and advocate of women, children and the environment.

Human Heart Nature Advocate ID MRC03546

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