In Need of A Shoulder To Cry On?


How many women you know have gotten into trouble by confiding their worries and anxieties to other women they thought could help them? How many wives have gotten into serious mess for making the mistake of sharing their concerns regarding their marriage to their neighbors or, worse, a male friend?

Seek Help from the Right People

Don’t get me wrong. This is not to say we are supposed to keep it all to ourselves and bottle ‘em all up; it’s unhealthy. Suppressed emotions almost always manage to find their way out. What I’m trying to say is we will fare much better if we carefully choose who we share our troubles with.

The One True Friend You can Trust

Try sharing your burden to the One true friend whose loyalty and love has been proven on the cross. He knows our troubles even before tell them to Him; He’s only waiting for us to ask Him what it is we want Him to do for us. Then, as soon as we’re ready, He’ll send down an angel or two to help us out – usually in the form of another human being who is capable of helping us the right way.

 The Battle Is Real

The spiritual battle is real and the enemy is always waiting to find that vulnerable gap in our relationships, our careers and our marriages. I try to keep this in mind so that each time I feel the urge to rant about anything, I tell them all to Jesus first. And then I wait.

Today is Day 4 of my 7-Day Journey towards acquiring the habit of mindful speaking and just for today, I vow to speak only faith-filled words. I pray that you may be blessed with more good friends and amazing relationships. After all, this is what makes us truly wealthy.

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!

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