When I first came to know about Juliet van Ruyven a.k.a. Jhet, I was in a pretty bad shape. My life was a mess and I was in the verge of losing my career and even my marriage. You can tell that I suffered long enough because my friends had already ran out of things to say or do to help me out.

In my attempt to seek online counseling and support, I stumbled upon a book called The Tale of Juliet. The cover says it was written by a best-selling author named Jhet van Ruyven and since I could not afford to purchase the entire eBook at that time, I downloaded the free chapter and started reading.


The first few lines intrigued me. This lady was talking about poverty, difficulties, seemingly insurmountable challenges and even heartaches and heartbreaks and yet between the lines I can feel from miles away the positive energy that carries a promise of hope, transformation and redemption.

Typing frantically on my keyboard, not knowing whether she would respond or even read my mail, I wrote her a message saying how the first few chapters of her book rekindled my spirit and gave me hope. I also shared with her my story and how I was struggling to rebuild my life at that moment.

Days later, I was surprised to receive an email from the best-selling author herself! She said she is coming to visit the Philippines and would love to meet me in person. Gosh, heaven knows how much I wanted to fly to Manila to see her, but I couldn’t even afford to buy her book. Anyways, she saw how I loved to write and asked me to help her with something. I didn’t ask for anything in return, only the experience to work under the wings of an exceptionally amazing woman who’s passed the test of time, hurdled through so many obstacles and still stands firmly on her feet. In fact, she sometimes soars so high in pursuit of certain dreams.

As if by some good luck, I was given that privilege to assist Juliet van Ruyven with an online project. That would have been enough for me, but she was so kind and generous she had her sister from Batangas send me a hard-bound (not paperback!) copy of her best-selling book The Tale of Juliet, complete with her autograph. What more can a bookworm ask for! The moment the book arrived, I flipped through pages and completed it cover to cover in less than a day.

My very own copy of The Tale of Juliet given as a gift by the best-selling author herself! You can’t put this one down and it’s something you can refer back to from time to time for guidance. See how she thoughtfully scribbled a message before mailing it to my home address! This one owns a special place in my bookshelf at home.

You will never believe how one piece of book can instantly change your perception and turbo-charge your mind with positive energy that compels you to switch from poverty mentality to prosperity mentality; from victim mentality to victor mentality. And if there are four words Juliet left in my heart, those would be “dreams do come true.”

In her emails she always told me to hold on to my dreams and never allow dream stealers to swipe them, much like the way Swiper the Fox swipes Dora’s stuff. Dream stealers come in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes they come disguised as health issues, strained relationships with a spouse or a special someone, failures and financial troubles.

Juliet’s resilience and contagious enthusiasm for life helped me regain the courage to get back up and continue the journey. She has also taught me to unlearn self-sabotaging beliefs and motivated me to drop certain unhealthy and absolutely unnecessary habits that are ruining my life.

She did all that by sharing her inspiring story of how she conquered her fears and moved in the direction of her dreams. Her determination to surpass obstacles and make her dreams come true led her on a journey that allowed her to meet world famous personalities, writers and success gurus such as Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Ecker, the late Wayne Dyer and even the recently sainted Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

With American philosopher, self-help author (The Power of Intention) and motivational speaker, Wayne Dyer. Juliet mourned his death with the rest of the world when he went on to join the Creator on August 29, 2015. (Image used with permission from Jhet van Ruyven)
Juliet with American motivational public speaker and self-development author, Brian Tracy. (Image used with permission from Jhet van Ruyven)
Here's what T. Harv Eker, author of "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind," business man and motivational speaker, says about The Tale of Juliet.
Here’s what T. Harv Eker, author of “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” business man and motivational speaker, says about The Tale of Juliet. (Image used with permission from Jhet van Ruyven)

Today I can say that I have never been happier in my career and certainly never been any happier in my marriage and family life and like a guardian angel Juliet pops up in my inbox from time to time to remind me that “BIG DREAMS DO COME TRUE, IF YOU BELIEVE.” I may not have met Juliet van Ruyven a.k.a. Jhet in person yet, but I believe I will, one of these days.

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