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As a mom we only want what’s best for our children, but are we truly making the right choices when it comes to choosing personal care products?

I thought I was, until I came to know about Human Heart Nature and their natural personal care products that’s not only good on skin but on the environment as well.

Here are 10 reason why I love Human Heart Nature and why I believe you should, too!

Reason No. 1. It is the first range of affordable and GENUINELY NATURAL products in the Philippines. I was young when our favorite aunt whom we adored so much died of cancer and so this led me to try to understand why people get the big C. I was shocked to discover that our current lifestyle is teeming with factors that can trigger the development of cancer. It was difficult, and still is now, but I tried to make changes in our lifestyle. This includes carefully choosing the personal care products we use. Shampoos, soaps and toothpaste are actually laden with synthetic chemicals that are harmful to plants and animals. Strong fragrances tend to trigger allergies especially among babies. When my son’s rhinitis wouldn’t disappear, his pediatrician insisted on throwing away the fabric conditioner, baby cologne, baby powder and chocolate-flavored powdered milk drink – everything that had artificial or synthetic ingredients. Tears rolled down my son’s fat cheeks at the doctor’s clinic that day, but all of his favorites had to go.

All of my favorites had to go – favorite scents, favorite feeling. The doctor recommended an unscented cleansing bar for my child, but since it’s imported it’s also very expensive. It’s a good thing I found Human Heart Nature. They produce only genuinely natural products at a price that most Filipino can afford. In fact, they are the first range of genuinely natural products in the country sold at very affordable prices.

Reason No. 2. Products are made in their Natural Care Labs using the latest breakthroughs in green chemistry. The process of producing personal care products and home cleaning agents usually entail chemical processes that have harmful by-products. Human Heart Nature ensures that all of their products are produced in Natural Care Labs using the latest breakthroughs in green chemistry to ensure that Mother Nature is not harmed along the way.

Cold-processed, SLS/SLES free and fragrance-free cleansing bar by Human Heart Nature 

Reason No. 3. Made by Filipino scientists! Did you know that in addition to our rich natural and mineral resources, the country is also blessed in abundance with world-class talents? I’m not only taking about world-famous Filipino celebrities we see on TV. There are hundreds or even thousands of highly competitive engineers, medical technologists, nurses, cooks, chemists and other professionals working in different parts of the world where they are able to contribute to their fullest potential and are justly compensated at the same time.

The good news is, a few but growing number of Filipino scientists have decided to stay and contribute in a very meaningful way to the development and production of earth-friendly personal care and cosmetic products in Human Heart Nature’s Natural Care Labs. Each time I use products by Human Heart Nature, I know I am supporting our very own Filipino scientists who chose to stay home to take care of their families and our beloved country.

Reason No. 4. Microbial standards are 100x stricter than the Philippine FDA requirement. Knowing this, I am confident that every time my family and I wash our hair and skin, brush our teeth and even our clothes, we are using safe and natural products made with utmost care with only our best interest in mind.


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Reason No. 5. Awarded by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as the FIRST FILIPINO COSMETIC AND PERSONAL CARE COMPANY TO BE TRULY ANIMAL-CRUELTY FREE. Now, we all know how strict PETA is and how fiercely protective they are of animals.

Reason No. 6. Its products have the Natural Products Association (NPA) seal. With this, we can all be sure that what we are using contain only natural ingredients that are safe for humans and safe for the environment.

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Reason No. 7. Products are GENUINELY GREEN. Human Heart Nature goes by the philosophy of prevention is better than cure, therefore before we can even develop illnesses from using products that contain harsh chemicals, they have worked on ways for us to prevent those illnesses sticking only to natural ingredients.

Reason No. 8. Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor and Pro-Environment (making us better stewards of God’s creation). They could have invested their money and efforts somewhere, where they can maximize their profits and bring down the costs of production to its lowest level. But this company chose to go the extra mile to look for the best home-grown natural ingredients instead of grabbing what’s readily available and affordable in the market today.

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Many poor Filipino farmers all over the country are growing citronella, lemon grass, sunflower and other plants that are used as key ingredients in producing Human Heart Nature products. More than producing high quality natural personal care products, Human Heart Nature is careful about preserving the environment in every step.

Have you ever thought of it that every time we go grocery shopping, most of the products we put into our carts use packaging made of soft plastic or materials that get thrown away after we have consumed the contents. Waste segregation and recycling is a novel thing in our country and almost unheard of in the provinces. Most empty plastic bottles and soft plastic wrappers go to the pit and get burned. Yes, there is a law prohibiting open burning, but it is sad to say that in the provinces it is customary practice to burn the trash at 4:00 o’ clock in the afternoon, as if this is some religious ritual that would cause people to get sick when neglected.

Human Heart Nature goes beyond production and bringing their products to the consumers. They think about what happens to the empty shampoo bottles after the contents have been used up. To promote environmentally safe practices, they have put collection facilities in their branches where consumers can drop their empty plastic bottles for recycling. We may not have branches in the countryside, but we certainly have junk shops. This gesture by the company inspires country-girl homemakers like me to take the initiative to collect our empty plastic bottles at home and bring them to the junk shop – not necessarily to make profits out of trash but more on helping our Mother Earth heal.

Reason No. 9. Products feel as good on your skin as they do in your heart. I have personally tried most of their products and I love the way they smell on my hair and skin. At first, they felt different from the synthetic chemical laden products I’ve gotten used to since I was a kid, but the natural-smelling shampoo and natural-tasting toothpaste feel amazingly good on my skin as they do in my heart because I know I am taking better of my body – the only vehicle I have for delivering my best to the world.

Reason No. 10. They promote social entrepreneurship. Yes, business is no business if you don’t see an ROI, but business is more than just about money; way, way more. What do we do with money when we destroy our environment along with our most precious resource – the humans we seek to serve? Human Heart Nature is keen on practicing social entrepreneurship. They take good care of their people, the environment and their customers by producing only the safest natural products and using only green technology in the production process.

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Yes, we all deserve what’s best in this life. We can all live the healthiest and wealthiest lives if we do our part in protecting and nurturing the environment. After all, earth is the only planet we’ve got (unless you already have that one-way ticket to Mars). It’s our home and we depend on it for all of our needs. The Philippines is the land of my birth and this is where my family lives.

These are my values; the very things that make my soul sing, and Human Heart Nature and all of what it fights for, resonates my soul.

You are invited to share the advocacy! More than a social enterprise, embracing Human Heart Nature products, for me, is a lifestyle. You can post your questions or comments below and I’d be more than happy to answer them You can also look me up on Facebook:

Lorenza Pilar Salvador

Human Heart Nature Advocate ID MRC03546


HHN Philippines Magalogue September 2016

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