What’s This Life For?


As a book lover, I have come to realize that every person who loves to read has one or two favorite writers. In my case I have more than a handful and one of them is Robin Sharma.

There is something therapeutic in his messages and I regularly receive one every once in a while as I subscribed to his mailing list. Motivational speakers and writers give you motivational content and inspiration, but the ones coming from Sharma are my favorite because not only do they inspire you; they bring out the best in you as if he knows who you truly are on the inside; it’s as if he can see right through you.

In today’s email, he shared a passage from Meditations, written by Roman emperor and warrior, Marcus Aurelius. It says:

“The duration of a person’s life is only a moment; our substance is flowing away this very moment; the senses are dim; the composition of the body is decaying, the soul is in chaos, our fate is unknowable and reputation uncertain. In a word, all bodily things are like a flowing river and everything of the soul is dream and smoke….

…And life is all warfare and a stranger’s wanderings and the reward is oblivion. What then could possibly guide us? Only one thing: philosophy, and this consists of keeping the divine spirit within each of us free from disrespect and harm, above pains and pleasures, doing nothing aimlessly or falsely.”

When you take time to also meditate on these meditations you’d realize there is something worth thinking about here. Let’s take a look at our lives one day at a time, for example.

What do we do when we wake up? What is that very first thing we do or think about? Do we silently say a prayer of gratitude for having been able to open our eyes once more or do we use those eyes to check our news feed right away, see how many likes our recent posts have gathered?

What do we do at the breakfast table? Do we relish the food we eat or rush through our meal hoping not to get late for work?

What do we do at work? 

How do we share time with our colleagues? friends? clients? How do we treat them? 

Marcus Aurelius wrote, “…our fate is unknowable… all bodily things are like flowing river and everything of the soul is dream and smoke…” If this is so, “…what then could possibly guide us?” The emperor said there is only one thing: philosophy, and “…this consists of keeping the divine spirit within each of us…”

This is what I was talking about. Sharma recognizes the divine in each of us and it’s what he’s been trying to hook in each one of his subscribers all these years. 

I think that when we deliberately acknowledge the divine in our self, we would come to respect our self and honor that divinity in us. Once we have come to do that, then it would be a lot easier for us to respect and honor the divine in every other person we come in contact with every day, whether it’s our spouse, the president of our company or the street sweeper.

You have read this far. I can tell you like to read yourself. You might like to visit Robin Sharma’s website so you too can get started on your way to leading without a title, or subscribe to our mailing list for regular doses of inspiration. We are committed to keeping our content fresh and worthy of your time, but you are also of course free to choose not to and still visit this site for free.

I’m hoping this article brought you loads of blessings today. You are most welcome to share your thoughts by leaving your comments on the comments section below. Until next!

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