CAFE JACQUE – Something New in Maramag

Maramag is one of the largest and economically thriving municipalities in the province of Bukidnon. It is home to one of the biggest sugar mills in the country, the Crystal Sugar Co., and its economy is primarily agriculture-based.

Recently, however, Maramag saw some substantial development in other industries as well, including food and leisure. I’m not from around here but I have been working in this lovely town for about five years now and my family and I have enjoyed spending time in some of their crystal clear spring resorts and ate at their restaurants.


There are not so many restaurants here, but the few that we’ve visited offered good food and warm hospitality unique to the people of Maramag. One such place is the new Jacque Cafe in North Poblacion. They opened their doors to the public on December 2, 2014 and I heard it was quite a celebration. Now Maramag has another exciting thing to offer to both locals and guests.

So what’s so cool about this place? One is the atmosphere. You don’t always find a place as cool — and I mean literally cool — as this in town (most restaurants, if you can actually call them that at all, don’t have air conditioning). The interior is not that big, in fact they only have about four small tables on one side and a pair of comfortable couches on another for those who wish to lounge and engage in a cozy conversation with friends.

The menu is written on a chalk board hung on a wall behind the counter. On the list are mouth-watering snack items especially appealing to kids and the three-year-olds in all of us — burgers and fries, meaty Mexican tacos in home-made shells, and pasta. There is a fridge next to the counter where kids can see through the glass door an array of cakes for their sweet tooth — blueberry cheesecake, chocolate mousse, colorful cupcakes and many, many more. To quench your thirst they also offer a wide variety of fruit shakes and they even make their own fresh calamansi juice.

Your P100 can go a very long way here, trust me. The yummy cupcakes can be had at P18 while the tacos are at P55. I especially tried the tacos because my son always dreamed of being able to eat tacos here in Bukidnon. I don’t know where the crazy 8-year-old got that craving — long hours of watching Hollywood films I guess. The blueberry cheesecake is at P70 per serving and most fruit shakes are below P50. Their signature Kyla’s Fresh Calamansi Juice is at P25 per bottle.


oh, look! my nephew Dirky and his mom were here!
oh, look! my nephew Dirky and his mom were here!

Cafe Jacque is very easy to find. If you are from Maramag, it is located along the tabuan between Krrags and Accustat Diagnostix. For visitors coming in by bus, you can ride a tricycle as they don’t have taxis here in Maramag, and tell the driver to drive you to G&T Child and Elderly Care Center in front of MACCO ( a local cooperative). It’s easier to name places by landmarks than by street names. Street names aren’t popular in most places here in Bukidnon, except in the capital. The cafe is in the same building as the childcare center. If on the other hand you are driving your own car, try to find the Maramag Police Station behind the Freedom Park, which is right along the Highway, and ask a friendly officer where the G&T Childcare Center is. If you make to the station, you are only a block away from the cafe, in fact, you can already see from there the pink and purple awning jutting out from its front facade. Without a doubt, this place provides a cool repose from the warmth of the sun outside. So next time you visit Maramag, drop by Cafe Jacque and make it one of your most memorable visits ever.

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