HOLIDAYS ARE SWEET IN BUKIDNON – Made Even Sweeter by Ade’s Cakes and Pastries

Ade's choco-caramel cake for my mom's birthday. My favorite so far.
Ade’s choco-caramel cake for my mom’s birthday. My favorite so far.

Holidays in my sweet Bukidnon home have always been the sweetest but this year they were made even sweeter by the creation of a new sweets factory, brought about by the passionate mind and hands of an equally sweet person whose happiness comes from making people’s special events even more special with her wonderful creations.

As a mom of two growing up boys, preparing for a party has always been a challenge, especially when it comes to finding someone who can make the birthday cake. Not that I’m a particularly picky person, but considering our location in the boondocks, you would know what I mean. Had we chosen to live nearer to Cagayan de Oro, it would have been easier to go to a Red Ribbon store, or if I had extra budget for a really tasty cake, have something madde at Candy’s. Or if we were nearer to Davao City in the south, a trip to the malls would solve the problem. Unfortunately for me, we are located halfway between these two cities and you can hardly find cakes that taste as good as they look on outside.

To show you how far from civilization we are, the cost of going to the capital city where the best cakes in Bukidnon can be found can be a lot more expensive than the cake you are buying. The best option would be to make your own cake or buy it over the counter from a local bakeshop.

While making a cake can be both meaningful and rewarding, it can also be very time consuming, especially for working moms like me. Fortunately for us Bukidnon mommies, the Sweets Fairy has finally come to town. In fact, she has always been here. Only that she’s been busy doing other things in the past, only recently did she decide to pursue her passion and do what it is that really makes her heart and soul sing — baking and cooking and baking.


She is known to her closest friends as Ade. I remember her working as a manager at a bank downtown a few years back, then I heard she worked overseas. When she returned to the Philippines that’s when I learned she put up this business called Ade’s Kitchen. I wish one day I’d get a chance to visit her kitchen and do some interview, if the Sweets Fairy can make time. While Ade’s kitchen is primarily into preparing food for corporate meetings and parties, Ade also makes cakes and pastries when there are orders and this is the part of her business that I personally love. She does not bake cakes everyday and display them in her store for walk-in customers, but you can send her a text message any time you crave for sweets and she’ll be more than happy to whip up something magical for you in her kitchen.

Last month for instance, my father’s colleagues gave him an Ade’s Choco-Caramel cake for his birthday and we all loved it so much my mom ordered over 20 pieces of the mini version and gave them away to her friends for Christmas. Sometimes my 9-year-old would crave for her banana cupcakes and so we’d text her and ask for a dozen of her mouth-watering banana cupcakes. What my son likes about them is the soft, moist fruity center and the slightly crunchy caramel-ly muffin top. The taste of it would linger in your thoughts long after you’ve digested it, which makes it a treat you will always crave for.

If you are in Bukidnon, come to the town of Quezon and find Ade’s Kitchen along Sayre Highway, to your left when you are heading towards Davao City. If you are coming in from other parts of the country, come visit Bukidnon and try Ade’s cakes and pastries. I can guarantee that it will be one of your most memorable Bukidnon experience ever. Make sure you visit her Facebook though, and order at least a day before you arrive.

Nope, this is not paid ad; I simply love sharing the few simple things I enjoy. That way, I help make them remain in existence so I, too, can continue to enjoy them.

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